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Famous Obscure Facts More People Should Know About


Introduction The world is full of facts – some we think we know and even some facts that challenge the way we think we see the world are not actually true. Every day, research shows us that we were wrong about a certain situation. Here is a sample list of some interesting facts that most […]

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Famous Criminals That Prove Cleveland is the Serial Killer Capital of America


Introduction It’s been a matter of criminal curiosity that Cleveland has the highest number of serial killers per capita in any city anywhere in the world. They are also largely world famous for some of their hideous acts. What is it about Cleveland that means it attracts so many bloodthirsty people determined to make a […]

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Famous Examples of Unintended Consequences


Introduction Unintended consequences are results of actions and come in three forms: unexpected benefits (a positive result, usually people put this down to good karma if it happens to a person as a result of their actions) unexpected drawbacks (usually put down to bad karma as a result of actions) perverse results (also put down […]

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Famous Alleged Real-Life Werewolves and Wolf-men


Introduction The werewolf is a common symbol of European folklore that has spread throughout the world. In short, it is that notion that a man or woman may change his or her physical form either to resemble or to fully become that of a wolf. There are many examples in fiction, most recently in The […]

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Famous Convictions that were Overturned


Introduction Though we like to believe that our law enforcement professionals are doing a good job, too often we have stories of terrible miscarriages of justice. Sometimes a person has been framed by the Police, or have been convicted on circumstantial evidence, or in some cases due to a false and malicious accusation. Here is […]

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Famous Unfinished Artwork


Introduction Most artists are not appreciated in their lifetime and this goes for painters, sculptors, musicians and designers. The creative process is a powerful thing and creative people are often working on many projects at once. It is no great surprise then that there are so many incomplete pieces of work from the world of […]

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Famous Worst Aspects of the American Justice System

Taking care of the young

Introduction The USA has a reputation for harsh treatment of criminals; in some ways, it is the envy of the world. British people say to each other “He got 300 years? They don’t mess about in America, we need some of that!” yet despite the apparent envy of not being soft on crime, lift off […]

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Famous Werewolf Names in Movies


Introduction Werewolves have been as popular throughout myth as vampires yet despite a number of superb films, do not seem to have experienced the continued popularity as the undead bloodsuckers or even as popular as zombies are now. Cursed by being bitten by a werewolf and then having the misfortune to survive, they too will […]

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Famous Characters Needed For A Batman Versus Superman Movie


Introduction Announced in 2013 after the worldwide release of Dark Knight Rises featuring Christian Bale in his final outing as The Caped Crusader, and with Henry Cavill making his first appearance as The Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman is set for release in 2016. Bale will not reprise his role as the Caped Crusader […]

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Famous Binge Eaters


Introduction Binge Eating, like Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa, is a common mental health disorder where the sufferer is obsessed with food. Often indicative of some other deep-seated issue, it is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; a sufferer will compulsively consume a large amount of food in a very short space of time. Many […]

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Famous Conspiracy Theories


Introduction Conspiracy theories can take many forms, though some psychologists believe they all have the same origin – a search for meaning, compounded by psychological phenomena such as “confirmation bias”. Once you start seeing evidence, you see it everywhere and avoid conflicting information. Some conspiracy theorists believe in more than one theory even when their […]

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Famous Incredibly Controversial Police Shootings from the Past Ten Years


Introduction The Police are there to protect the citizens of the city, state or country and sometimes – sadly – they have to kill or attempt to kill in their public duty of protection. Equally sadly, with so much responsibility (and sometimes believing themselves above the law) they shoot and injure or kill the wrong […]

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Famous Examples of Understatement in Poetry


Introduction “Understatement” is the antonym of “hyperbole”. Often used for irony to downplay a catastrophe, sometimes they come across as amusing. Witness The Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail having his arm chopped off and dismissing it as “just a flesh wound” that he’ll get over. This was deliberately humorous but sometimes […]

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Famous Awesome Opening Scene Possibilities for Star Wars VII


Introduction The internets were abuzz at the announcement that Disney was going to film a new trilogy following on from Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. We know very little about the plot and if episodes I, II and III are anything to go by, then it will stay that way up until the […]

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Ten Famous World Records Made Possible By Tragedy and Disaster


We’ve all braved tragedies and accidents, nevertheless minor or traumatic, at least once in the course of our life. These accidents do leave us awe-struck for days and months… however, as time is the best healer, we forget about them and move on. However, there are lucky few, who have survived the most disastrous accidents, […]

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